Case Studies

Learn more about some of our most important projects right here.


Developer Portal | Payment Orchestration

We had the opportunity to develop the API documentation for Yuno’s payment integration solution in three languages (English, Portuguese and Spanish). Our team teamed up with their development team via Slack and Zoom calls to understand the API. Then they sent us the .yaml file and we started to document each endpoint on We also created a portal for the documentation, with a well-designed landing page and a guides section. Check the documentation here.


User Manual | Solar Hybrid Inverter

Sunsynk needed a user manual for its three-phase hybrid inverters, so we worked alongside the development team to understand the product and then I wrote, designed, and edited this document. The company has loved our work and we currently are their outsourced technical writing lead team, developing product manuals, datasheets, brochures and more.


Brochure | Electric Vehicles

Typhoon HIL, Inc. wanted a brochure to showcase its electric mobility solution, targeting new clients and building its brand. We used our expertise in e-Mobility content to create an outstanding and visually appealing document that addresses challenges in electric vehicle and charging station development, staying true to Typhoon’s brand colors and style.


Developer Portal | Online & In-Person Payments

PagBank acts as an issuer, an acquirer, and a provider of digital accounts, besides offering complete solutions for online and in-person payments in Brazil and 16 other countries. Our team has been working with their internal team to redefine the structure and design, as well as ensure consistency in their API reference and the guides on In addition, we have also translated their developer portal and provided maintenance for the constant updates they have in their product.


Blog | Engineering & Technology Articles

Millions of engineers leverage Wevolver to stay up to date, find knowledge when developing technologies, or to connect with each other and the industry. In Wevolver articles, we showcase an application for technologies developed by huge tech players, including NVIDIA, Infineon, Mouser, and more. Our team develops the whole research and uses SEO to rank their solutions better on the web.


User Guides | Crypto Payments

BoomFi is a crypto company that helps merchants collect one-time to recurring payments and settle in crypto or fiat currencies. We’re helping them create their user guides (and API documentation in the future) on Our team had a set of calls and connected via Slack with BoomFi’s product team to understand their solution and how their customers use their application. We developed everything from graphic design and UX to writing and coding.

Infographics | e-Mobility & Residential Energy

Typhoon HIL, Inc. wanted to showcase its hardware-in-the-loop solution for electric mobility applications with the aim to reach new clients and strengthening its brand. In this brochure, we presented how the company’s solutions can overcome several challenges in the development stage of EVs and charging stations. Using our experience in writing content for the e-Mobility industry and knowledge in control systems, we were able to provide Typhoon with an outstanding brochure taking into consideration all its brandcolors, logos, and styling.