“Harri’s help documentation has greatly improved and reduced support cases. Engagement figures have increased and customers find it easier to use our platform”

Harri offers workforce management solutions, aiming to improve the way businesses manage their employees and operations. As they expanded their platform and features, they recognized the importance of having clear and accessible documentation for their clients and users. They needed help with creating release notes, feature documentation, platform guides, and help docs to ensure that their users could effectively navigate and utilize their workforce management tools.

Collaboration Journey

In collaboration with Harri, we assigned two full-time writers to focus solely on their documentation needs. Our writers worked closely with Harri’s team to understand their platform, features, and updates. Using Zendesk as the platform for publishing, we created clear and informative release notes, feature documentation, platform guides, and help docs.

Results Achieved

Our dedicated collaboration with Harri resulted in significant improvements:


  1. Improved Documentation Quality: Our focused approach led to clear and concise documentation, enhancing the overall quality and usability of Harri’s release notes, feature documentation, platform guides, and help docs.

  2. Enhanced User Experience: The accessible documentation improved the experience for Harri’s clients and users, making it easier for them to understand and utilize the workforce management tools effectively.

  3. Streamlined Communication: Timely and informative release notes helped in transparent communication about new features and updates, keeping clients and users informed and engaged.

  4. Increased Product Adoption: Comprehensive feature documentation and help docs contributed to better understanding and utilization of Harri’s platform, leading to increased adoption and satisfaction among clients and users.


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