MoneyHash, a dynamic player in the payment processing industry, faced a challenge in providing comprehensive documentation for their range of advanced payment solutions. Despite their innovative offerings, they wanted externals writers to bring another perspective to their user guides and API documentation.

Collaboration Journey

We collaborated closely with their team to understand their platform, payment processing methods, and integration requirements. Leveraging our technical writing proficiency, our team revamped the original user guides and API documentation considering the possible user journeys and roles. These user guides included detailed instructions and workflows for navigating and utilizing various features on their platform and API integration.

Results Achieved

Our collaboration with MoneyHash delivered impactful outcomes:

  • Enhanced User Experience: The user guides significantly improved the overall user experience, providing clear instructions and workflows for MoneyHash’s clients to navigate and utilize the platform’s payment features more efficiently.
  • Efficient Integrations: The API documentation provided clear instructions and guidelines, facilitating faster and smoother integrations with MoneyHash’s payment processing services for developers.
  • Tailored Solutions: The detailed documentation allowed clients to tailor MoneyHash’s payment processing solutions to their specific business needs, contributing to a more customized and optimized experience.


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