“We can now say that our documentation is at a high level” 


PagBank struggled to create efficient documentation for their financial services platform. They lacked expertise in technical writing and also did not want to invest in hiring an “in-house” writer only for documentation. The main problems were increased customer queries and longer integration times for clients.

Collaboration Journey

Recognizing the need for clear documentation, PagBank partnered with us. We worked closely with their team to understand their platform and API structure. Using this knowledge, we created comprehensive and user-friendly API documentation, along with guides and manuals for developers.

Results Achieved

The collaboration led to significant improvements in just one month:

  • 30% Less Support Tickets and Integration Time: Clear documentation reduced support queries and made integration faster for developers.

  • Documentation NPS Boost from 29% to 89%: Clients were highly satisfied with the improved documentation, leading to increased loyalty and retention for PagBank.

  • Internationalization: Translating the documentation into English made it accessible to a global audience.


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