Tonder, an all-in-one infrastructure for payment processing from Mexico, faced a challenge in providing comprehensive documentation for their platform. Despite offering various payment methods and customizable integrations, they lacked the internal resources and expertise to create user guides, SDK documentation, and API documentation.

Collaboration Journey

Recognizing the need for detailed documentation, Tonder partnered with us to address this challenge. We have worked closely with their team to understand the functionalities of their platform, payment methods, and integration options. Leveraging our technical writing expertise, we created user guides, SDK documentation, and API documentation that aligned with Tonder’s requirements and provided clear guidance to their users and developers.

Results Achieved

Our collaboration with Tonder resulted in significant outcomes:

  1. Improved User Experience: The user guides and SDK documentation enhanced the overall user experience for Tonder’s clients, enabling them to navigate the platform efficiently and utilize various payment methods seamlessly.

  2. Accelerated Integration: The API documentation streamlined the integration process for developers, reducing implementation time and ensuring a smooth integration experience with Tonder’s platform.

  3. Enhanced Security and Fraud Prevention: Clear documentation on fraud prevention measures and security protocols within the SDK and API documentation helped clients optimize payment success while minimizing fraud risks.

  4. Optimized Customer Experience: The comprehensive documentation contributed to an optimized customer experience, as clients could leverage Tonder’s customizable integrations to tailor payment solutions according to their specific needs.


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January 2022

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January 2024