“Write Choice helped us create our developer site in record time”


Yuno, a dynamic fintech company from Colombia, struggled to provide swift and accurate documentation for their payment orchestration solution due to a lack of technical writers and expertise. This resulted in increased customer support needs and limited product adoption rates.

Collaboration Journey

Yuno partnered with us to address their documentation challenges effectively. We engaged closely with their development team via Slack and Zoom calls, comprehensively understanding their API. With the API specifications in .yaml format, we created API documentation in three languages and a dozen user guide pages, ensuring clarity and accuracy.

Results Achieved

The collaborative efforts between Yuno and our team yielded significant results, transforming their documentation challenges into success stories:

  • Reduced Support Overhead: Comprehensive SDKs and API documentation led to a notable reduction in customer support queries, allowing developers to self-serve efficiently.
  • Less Churn: Clear documentation reduced churn rates as customers could seamlessly leverage the payment integration.
  • Improved Developer Experience: A user-friendly documentation portal enhanced the overall developer experience, accelerating time-to-market for new projects.
  • Increased Product Adoption: Streamlined documentation contributed to increased product adoption rates, expanding Yuno’s market reach.

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