Hardware Documentation

Reduce support inqueries and increase the number of returning with customers high-quality manuals and datasheets.


Make end users get the most out of your products

Provide customers with outstanding experiences when it comes to our hardware products. Help them understand all the functionalities and benefits of your solutions.

Technical Manuals

Empower technical installers and users with comprehensive technical manuals with clear instructions, easy-to-follow guides, and great images created by technical writers with engineering background.

User Manuals

End users demand manuals that are straightforward, user-friendly, filled with practical illustrations and real-life usage scenarios. By offering outstanding manuals, you can provide an increased user experience and minimize support requests while making customers .


Help customers understand a product’s capabilities, compliance, and limitations with organized, well-structured datasheets. Clear datasheets can reduce the number of support inquiries, saving both customers and companies time and resources.

The Write Choice Workflow

Write Choice has created an innovative model for outsourced technical writing services where we become part of your company but without all the bureaucracy and complexity of hiring an “in-house” technical writer.

1. Sales Meeting

We understand your goals, share our subscriptions, and integrate comms.

2. Kick-Off

An onboarding call and form to understand the product from your customer’s perspective.

3. Planning

Receive a sprint planning based on an initial documentation structure.

4. Technical Sessions

5. Reporting

Receive a progress report from the lead writer on Slack or MS Teams.

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